2004-02-14 16:42:43 ET

Today's been good. But it's not over yet...

Woke up with theGirl. Had breakfast (hash browns, waffles with strawberries and syrup, and veggie sausages), got our act together 'round 11am, headed to the Ontario Science Center where we had a "trifficly" romantic time being geeks in a "learn-all-ya-can-for-$14" world. Although I've been there 4 or 5 times before, I always come away a little more knowledgable.

Things I learned at the OSC: the size of the universe really makes you feel small and your problems sooo insignificant; it's incredible how far we've advanced technologicaly in only 50 years; how the body works is truly the design of something super-intelligent; this planet has survived tons of things before us and will survive passed us; truth is all a perspective.

So I sit here at her place and we're getting ready to head out to Savage. It's a singles night but couples are welcome. The only stipulation is that you have to make out like you've never met and you just want in their pants.

Funny. VNV Nation just screamed out "I'm in a mood for total war"... *pushes the FWD button*

No war tonight. Just romance and... fun -.O

2004-02-14 17:47:49 ET

Make love not war!

I should go to this savage place ;-)

Have fun man

2004-02-14 19:34:48 ET

Cheshire...your day with your girl sounds absolutely wonderful.

Have a little extra fun for me too, ok? ^^

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