Good weekend
2004-02-29 04:55:07 ET

Friday night was a bit rocky. Joyce fish disagreed with me. Walked in on a drug deal and they almost thought I was a narc. Yeah, right.
Picked up a live Weller and a 2Pac. When you're that controversial, then a fair listen is in order.
Back to theGirl's pad. She'd been telling me not to get Outkast (hard to resist that tune) cause she wanted it first. Then theGirl goes and gets it for me for our 1 year. Which is next week. So why is she giving me these gifts early? She's like me, can't wait to see the face.
Saturday. Oh. What. A. Really. Fuckin'. A. Day.
Sunny, didn't need a coat. Walked around downtown, fish finally settled earlier, so had some pizza. Went to Metropolis. Spun a few discs. Longed for a turntable. Walked some more. theGirl bought new boots. Had Earl Grey somewhere in there. Went back to her place, watched Sandler singin' 80's, then went down to see Joyce's "The Dead" (not the pub, the actual playwright). Had a good laugh, but the ending brought a few tears to my eyes. Had a few at sweatty betty's. Home for a rest.

It's Sinday (no, not a typo), and supposedly as nice as yesterday. So I should go get dressed and shake off the headache.

2004-02-29 06:43:31 ET

Go out and enjoy the day, luv.. it's beautiful out.

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