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2004-03-03 10:35:12 ET

Negative people suck ass.
I'm now very pissed off because of a negative person I have to work with. I want to kill.
At the same time, he's a really nice guy. Just friggin' bitter. And he has developed, over the years, this attitude that "if my life sucks, well I'm gonna try to bring you down with me."

Case in point...

Awhile back, I made the comment that I wanted a really nice printer. But such things cost lotsa money (the one I have my eye on is $600). I also want to propose to theGirl. It's one or the other (I don't have to tell you which I plan to go with, do I?). So the other day he says "Vistek is selling the printer you want for $500". I accidentally let it slip: "It's either that or the ring".

He just shook his head. Later, as I was showing the prop-stylist which ring I was considering (on the net) he comes up behind us and says "I'd go with the printer".

Not a positive vibe in his body. He wasn't joking. He was serious. He has said such things as "She's going into social work? Oh they make no money. You gotta marry a girl with money" or "How are you going to support her?". I've told him to shut the fuck up.
He couldn't even say "Congratulations" or "That's great, Sean, I hope things work out for you."
Negative bastard. He's levelled his cynicism in my direction and I'm gonna blow up at him the next comment he makes.

I'm sorry. I really don't mean to vent here.

2004-03-03 10:41:50 ET


I would have lost it on him already.

Arrogant little bastard.

2004-03-03 10:51:17 ET

What an asshole!

2004-03-03 11:08:22 ET

yeah he's bitter and his life sucks, but i'd say the best thing to do would just be to ignore him or make a sarcastic comment or two back at him, try not to let him bring you down into his vile disposition. an odd question but is he older? i've noticed that gerneration gaps are usually marked by the difference between materialism or spiritualism/emotionalism. perhaps thats why he'd choose a hard plastic and metal printer, a machine, over a person's heart.

2004-03-03 11:15:55 ET

You should cancell out his negative nastiness with your own glee - which, at the prospect of marriage to a PHENOMINAL girl you must surely have in abundance. Either that, or figure out what in life has damaged him so badly.

2004-03-03 11:49:04 ET

his co-workers comments are completely inappropriate for the workplace, on top of being unbelievably rude.

whether this guy has been fucked over in his past or not, it doesn't matter. if you want to rain on someone else's parade, do it in your own head and not aloud.


2004-03-03 12:34:55 ET

Jesus, just tell him, "Hey f&*^%r, did anyone aks you? No, because you're pathetic loser who's done a lousy job with his own life. Do everyone a favor, and keep your advice and comments to yourself."

Or do the ex-lax gag on him.

2004-03-03 13:50:58 ET

Well, he didn't say anything to me today. I think by my lack of usual conversive nature he got the impression that he's pissed me off. He even let me go early when he told me yesterday he needed me to stay late.

Doesn't change the fact that I'm still royally pissed and the next cynical remark out of him I'll be putting in for a transfer to another photographer.

Problem is, I've been so tolerant for 8 months (I am a very tolerant person) that I've solved the studio manager's problem. Nobody else could have stuck it this long. His old assistant even asked me what my secret is. So if I ask to be put with someone else, that opens up a whole mess of issues the S.M. has to deal with. So I think he's gonna be slow to act. And they know I'm not the type to quit over this.


2004-03-03 17:32:30 ET

...Good illustraton of the 'good people can tend to get used' principle, it seems.

2004-03-04 15:04:07 ET

*just hugs*
I don't know how you do it, hon.

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