(+) ions
2004-03-04 14:55:57 ET

At least I'm trying to creats some positivity in my life.
Haven't seen theGirl since Sunday.
(-) ions still floating in the air, but that may change in the next little while. Could be a shuffle in assistants. But it could potentially be an "out-of-the-pan, into-the-fire" sort of deal. There's one photographer I don't want to work with. He's a different sort of headache.

The last week has been a mess of varied music acquisitions (some bought, some donated): Paul Weller, 2Pac, Korn, Thrice, Outkast, Joe Strummer, Blur, The Cure, KMFDM.

Eclectic, no?

2004-03-04 14:57:10 ET

The Cure :) What cd did you get?

2004-03-04 15:00:58 ET

What a dizzying selection of music!

2004-03-04 15:30:14 ET

Shadow- "Mixed Up"
Mark- I know... I can't decide what to listen to now. Mostly it's Outkast, cause I don't usually listen to hip-hop, but these guys are really friggin' good.

2004-03-04 15:35:05 ET

As far as hip-hop goes, its Swollen Members and Outkast for me and that's it.

2004-03-04 15:37:24 ET

You should check out The Roots and Dead Prez.

2004-03-05 04:08:02 ET

Will do, Shadow! Workin' on getting some of the essentials, like Fugees "The Score", Lauryn Hill, Dre, that kind of stuff.

Far cry from my usual mix of underground-goth-industrial-rock....

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