2004-03-07 11:46:37 ET


So how's everyone doing, huh? Have a pint, on me.

2004-03-07 11:58:38 ET


It seems to be keeping my mind off the fact that I'm out here in the land of misery.

2004-03-07 12:15:52 ET

out of hardship comes artistc growth.

2004-03-07 12:22:45 ET

Too true. It seems like most artists, be they musicians, writers, or visual artists are inspired more by hardship than by joy.

2004-03-07 12:36:35 ET

i had a pint last night, we'll say it was for you. :D

2004-03-07 14:10:13 ET

I have this urge to go get myself loaded, but then reality clicks in and I'm left with "why?"

All things considered though, I've had a few good days. Today a friend took me out for lunch/dinner. Yay!

If I lived in Toronto, I'd make spaghetti and invite you over and we could feast on that. =)

2004-03-07 14:26:09 ET

That'd be nice. My folks have gone to Cuba, and I'm generally a rotten cook. Being invited for food is always a plus with me. Thanks, Mark!

2004-03-07 14:26:49 ET

My folks are going to Cuba in April. Hrmmm.

I'd invite you for food too, if I lived in Toronto. But nope- It's Waterloo for me for now!

2004-03-07 14:35:39 ET

I'm an awesome cook, and would love to have you over to feed you, but unfortunately I'm in the icky 'burbs right now. :(

2004-03-07 14:36:16 ET

Well, if you want to hop on a bus, you can come here for spaghetti, because it seems like I'm going to be in this town for longer than I thought.

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