i'm alive....
2004-03-13 13:17:54 ET

really. I am.
I'm here.
Took care of financial stresses. The studio manager (whom I had in my back pocket) got laid off. Now I gotta start over again with a new SM.
Put a 50% deposit down on the engagement ring. Sadly it's not the Andromeda, but it is a beautiful 18K white gold ring with a 0.3K sapphire and 2 0.15K diamonds on either side.
She likes it, so that's more than enough for me.

Other than that, I just wanna chill, have a beer, smoke a j, and just be cool, be cool... (ICE COLD!)

2004-03-13 13:50:06 ET

theGirl is going to be theWife?
well, congratulations and uproar.

2004-03-13 14:24:38 ET

*smiles and hugs*

2004-03-13 14:32:41 ET

....Why would they lay someone off, then hire a new person for the same position? oO

2004-03-13 15:46:36 ET

Neko- they didn't hire a new person, they transferred her over from our other studio. She managed the fashion end... with an ironfist I might add.

2004-03-13 16:51:43 ET

tha is a neat looking ring.

rule that new manager with an Iron fist, show her what it is like to live in FEAR!!!!

Ahem I mean ... negotiate. *wink*

2004-03-13 19:19:11 ET

that's not the ring I ended up getting, though. The one I did get is worth more, but I paid a shit load less...

(only cause theGirl is so friggin' good at finding the sales n stuff)

2004-03-14 10:59:24 ET

Oooooh ouch. *cringe*

Yeah, and the Andromeda was a STUNNING ring. *likes silvery things*

Nice buy, too!!

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