New stuff that's happening....
2004-03-15 07:56:46 ET

K, so the ring is half paid for. I can't wait to pick it up next Saturday.

Got to see my nephew yesterday. And again, he was asleep. He stirred for a minute, opened his eyes and smiled when he saw me. Maybe he thought I was his dad. But he's so friggin' adorable.

Speaking of the dad.... Vinnie's been nominated for a Gemini for Best Actor (for our American friends, the Gemini's are like the Emmy's, only they're for Canadians). So we (the family) are really pumped about that.

So, yeah... that's my world according to me.

Send hugs n thoughts over to theGirl... she's under the weather and stressed about this job hunt thing.

2004-03-15 07:59:23 ET

Babies do a lot of sleeping for the first couple of months.. in no time, he'll be crawling all over you, tugging at your hair and drooling on your clothes, don't you worry.

Congrats to Vinnie!! That's so awesome.. (and when do we get to see this ring?)

hugs have been sent to the girl, and fingers are crossed for said job hunt.

2004-03-15 08:21:24 ET

How old is the little one?

2004-03-15 10:53:00 ET

Syb- I pick up the ring next Saturday, and I should have a pic by Monday night (hope hope)

Mark- 3 weeks. He smells soooo good too.

2004-03-15 10:56:00 ET

Excellent. *grins like crazy*

Don't babies smell adorable? They all seem to have a sort of caramel smell to them.

2004-03-15 12:14:19 ET

Mmmmmm... caramel... ;)

2004-03-15 13:53:06 ET

Your life is so exiting. I wish I knew someone nominated for something :(

2004-03-15 15:06:07 ET

oohoo ... so who's going to take the picture of the ring?

2004-03-15 16:45:48 ET

John Lloyd and/or Yoshi. They're the jewllery photo specialists,

2004-03-16 19:56:15 ET

Cheshie, I'm so HAPPY for you, with all the engagement joy and whatnot!! ^___^

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