this just in....
2004-03-17 03:42:14 ET

Okay, a quick update.... my brother hasn't been officially nominated. He's being considered for a nomination. He thought he'd been nominated, but was mistaken, and I was so excited that I let the cat out of the bag a wee bit early. Sorry.

Send big hugs to theGirl cause heavy shit is happening on her end.

Aside from that...


Today's the day we commemorate St. Paddy, for converting all those happy Irish Pagans into miserable Irish Roman-Catholics. But it's the one day that pisses off the Orangemen the most, so have a pint anyway!

2004-03-17 08:02:29 ET

Not particularly happy about the conversion bit, but Happy St. Paddy's anyway. Have a pint o' green Guiness for me, k? ;)

2004-03-17 14:07:09 ET

i did not kno that u were canadian.

until the "test" yay!

2004-03-18 07:27:47 ET

ewww... green guinness? BLECH!
I'm thankful that Guinness is as dark as it is so that it can't be coloured.

2004-03-18 07:39:39 ET


2004-03-18 09:08:49 ET

i had green beer last night.


2004-03-18 09:10:11 ET

I can't think about green beer anymore, since last paddy's day when my friend drank green beer while she was eating green curried chicken, and ended up puking all shades of green on her boots and those around her.

2004-03-18 09:10:47 ET

yeh i was thinking that.

it whud noit be nice to get sick green beer.

2004-03-18 09:12:33 ET

It was like a scene from the exorcist.

2004-03-18 09:31:31 ET

There are precious few things coloured green that one should drink: Creme de Menthe, Absynthe and limade. If the beer is green, then you should dump it, not drink it.

2004-03-18 10:01:08 ET

There's a juice I make with spinach, green apples, green peppers, cucumber, and celery that's really quite lovely, if a rather startling green in colour.. so I'd add that to the "ok" list.

2004-03-18 14:05:11 ET

mmmmmmmmm absinthe.

its legal in canada now isn't it?

2004-03-18 14:20:22 ET


2004-03-18 14:23:28 ET

hmm i whud probably have to go to van to get some then.

2004-03-18 15:08:32 ET

There's one place that serves the real absinthe, but they have a 2 shot cut-off. It's down in the distillery district. I'd like to get a BUNCH of people to go down with me.

2004-03-18 17:29:52 ET

i whud if i could.

2004-03-18 17:32:02 ET

It's not that far from the Yukon.

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