BIG NEWS (really BIG!!)
2004-03-20 11:59:09 ET

Nicole. theGirl. My darling, my love, my confidant.
Beat me to tha friggin' punch.
And proposed to me. By the pool table at the James Joyce.
And I said yes.

told ya it was big

2004-03-20 12:00:13 ET

Aww...congratulations man!

2004-03-20 12:01:53 ET

*shreiks in glee*

That's AWESOME!! Congrats!!!

*hug hug hug hug hug*

2004-03-20 12:03:43 ET

Yeah, I know. I'm like WAY over the moon right now.
This is the ring she proposed to me with.

2004-03-20 12:07:53 ET

Ok, I'm going to cry.

2004-03-20 12:10:25 ET

She had it engraved, too.
"How our love will blow them all away" - Jeff Buckley

2004-03-20 12:14:20 ET

Awww! That's so cool!

2004-03-20 12:17:22 ET


that's just.. wow. I'm so happy for you, luv.

2004-03-20 12:18:35 ET

Thanks guys!

2004-03-20 12:26:40 ET


i REALLY beat him to the punch ...

i love being sneaky like that! ;)

2004-03-20 12:28:56 ET


2004-03-20 12:29:06 ET

holy shit.

thats awesome!!!

2004-03-20 12:29:10 ET

mhm, you bet i am!

2004-03-20 12:50:46 ET

Right on, Antoire! =) =) =)

Congrats to you both!!!

2004-03-20 12:51:25 ET

thanks Mark

2004-03-20 12:51:38 ET


2004-03-20 13:24:05 ET

CONGRATS!!! :) :)

2004-03-20 13:45:53 ET

Not ONLY is that delightfully hilarious (what with all the planning you were doing), but that's AWESOME!!!! That is SO EXCITING!! *squeals in glee*

2004-03-20 22:11:45 ET

Cat!!!!! As i told ya I couldn't believe you didn't propose her before she beat ya to the finish line! heh heh thanks for coming around man, and oh a big congrats Cheshire and Antiore. Huge smiles to both of ya!

2004-03-21 02:18:19 ET


even tho i dont kno you both.

i am soo happy for you.

2004-03-21 13:20:52 ET

OMG!!!!! ::sniffle:: Congrats to you both!!!!!!!

2004-03-22 18:54:02 ET

Congratulations... that's awesome man. And such a great Jeff Buckley quote.

2004-03-25 11:54:31 ET

Awesome awesome awesome! Congrats to both of you!

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