dvds i just procurred
2004-03-21 16:22:56 ET

1. Schindler's List
2. Forrest Gump
3. The Sting
4. The Great Escape

Next I wanna get Lost In Translation, I Am Sam (haven't seen either of them), and Mystic River.

I love movies. But only good ones. I really don't have the patience to sit and watch a dumb movie. At least not lately.

2004-03-21 16:27:34 ET

Meh, I Am Sam wasn't all that good in my opinion.

2004-03-21 16:32:52 ET

no? I'm on a bit of a Sean Penn kick, so I thought if I found it used I'd pick it up.

2004-03-21 16:34:32 ET

Sean Penn is good in the movie, its just the movie is a bit weak. It's like, a movie made as an excuse to try and get him nominated for an Oscar, lol.

2004-03-21 16:35:50 ET

Maybe I'll just rent it and see if I like it enough to own. Thanks for the heads-up!

2004-03-21 16:53:02 ET

i am sam is sad.

and i am in love with lost in translation.

2004-03-21 16:57:53 ET

I've only seen Schindler's List out of all those movies, but I hear good things about the rest.

As far as I am Sam goes, I've heard both extremes from friends.

2004-03-21 17:00:17 ET

The Sting is a little tough to follow, but well worth it for the ending.
It won 7 Oscars including Best Picture in 1973.

2004-03-21 17:01:11 ET

My best friend's dad told me all about that one a few years back. He is big on collecting movies as well.

Anything difficult to follow, or head-fucks were sure to be in his collection. It was always fun watching movies there.

2004-03-21 17:07:18 ET

Do you have "The Elephant Man"? If you buy one movie in your entire lifetime, let it be that one.

2004-03-22 07:47:07 ET

What is I Am Sam? Because it sounds really familiar.

2004-03-22 08:03:15 ET

Its a movie about a man who is mentally handicapped (is that even politically correct to say anymore?)

2004-03-22 08:57:57 ET

And he has a daughter?

Yes, I believe I did see that one. ^^

2004-03-22 10:34:30 ET

well how about 21 grams? that another tough movie to follow. Plus it got Sean penn in as well. I just watched that last night.

2004-03-22 14:07:24 ET

Yeah, I definitely want to see 21 Grams.

2004-03-22 14:23:29 ET

its at the art film festival here in townm

last showing is tonight.


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