2004-03-21 18:08:07 ET

Get a call from an old college friend whom I haven't chatted with in a long time cause she lives way north of the city and haven't seen since last november.
First words out of her mouth: "YOU'RE ENGAGED?!?"

confusion sets in....

"How do you know? Not that I mind.... by the way, I'm engaged. But how did you hear?"
"I saw Angela's (ex-headache of 5 years) post on LiveJournal!"
"Really? What's the url?"

So I go. I see 2 posts pertaining to me, this one entirely, and a snippet in this one.

This is why I don't have an LJ account.

2004-03-21 18:15:11 ET

Wow. Reminds me of the gay community. You have my sympathies!

2004-03-21 18:17:14 ET

thanks mark...
I debate whether I want to write an anonymous reply or just let her think I know nothing about her posting.


2004-03-21 18:19:39 ET

Personally, I would let it slide. Why bother with people who really aren't such a huge part of your life.

2004-03-21 18:32:04 ET

Wow. Gotta love petty, bitchy ex's.

I wouldn't dignify her with a response.

2004-03-22 02:01:21 ET

no, I probably won't say anything. She'll be moving to windsor in April, so I'll rarely (if ever) see her again.

2004-03-22 06:04:27 ET

Ew, windsor...

2004-03-22 09:34:03 ET

don't bother.

2004-03-30 06:19:09 ET

Wow C-Cat, that ex-lady of yours is really arrogant. *checks your forehead for stressed veins*

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