2004-03-23 04:02:40 ET

Her Ring

2004-03-23 04:03:47 ET

photographed by my buddy John Lloyd cause he had nothing else to do and cause he kicks ass at jewellery photography and now I have to take him out for wings and beer as payment but he deserves it cause he's a cool guy with great taste in music

2004-03-23 07:53:32 ET

Absolutely gorgeous, hon.. good choice.


2004-03-23 13:19:17 ET

that picture turned out just gorgeous!

2004-03-30 06:45:39 ET

nice ring! is that a sapphire. shit thats a dark one

2004-03-30 09:12:48 ET

Yes, it is a sapphire. Earth-made sapphires are darker than lab created ones. And are more precious ;-)

2004-03-30 10:48:59 ET

since im late *hugs* congrats. =)

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