"Say hello/ Remain/Close to me/ No good-bye suicide mystery"
2004-04-07 14:51:27 ET

Been awhile.
Sorry 'bout that.

So what's everybody been up to?
Hmm... just won an N64 off eBay. Kinda pumped about that. Can't wait to play Zelda again.

Work has been... slow. But it's picking up again.

Nicole and I are, well, deeply in love with each other. That's good.
Told my folks about the engagment. They're really happy 'bout it. Which is also good.

My buddy found out that his father, whom he hadn't talked to for over 3 years, passed away suddenly at the age of 54. Heart attack. Dead before he hit the ground. So take time to tell someone close to you how you feel. I try to.

So it's been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions lately. That and I haven't been home very much lately to get onto SK and shoot the shit. Again, sorry.

Anyway, off I go again. I'll try not to disappear for quite so long. Be good to each other! And I truly think a Canadian SK meet is so friggin' necessary at this point.

2004-04-07 14:59:06 ET

an SK meet is indeed necessary, and I'm SO happy that your parents are happy about your engagement. What did Vinnie have to say about it?

2004-04-07 15:11:17 ET

He doesn't know yet. And the 4 of us are gonna keep it that way.
For now.

2004-04-07 15:12:27 ET

Ah. Gotcha.

2004-04-07 15:26:48 ET

He doesn't have a very good opinion of marriage right now.

or of anything, actually.

2004-04-07 15:27:29 ET

I take it things aren't going so well with his marriage..

2004-04-07 15:44:08 ET

oOoo.. Canadian SK meet.. i'm so down. school is done for me on the 20th, my last exam, so any time after that is awesome.

oh, and dude, congratulations on the engagement! i guess i've been lagging behind in my posting/checking journal updates.. but congrats nonetheless!

2004-04-08 01:47:59 ET

Amanda- You and me both. I just haven't had the time to get onto the computer lately.

Syp- Well, it's more like the lack of work that's got him all messed up, and Vinnie's always been more of a... free spirit, if you wanna romanticize it. I just call it one-foot-out-the-door syndrome.

2004-04-08 05:49:32 ET

Uh huh. I know that syndrome ALL too well... the bane of the Aquarian, really.

2004-04-09 12:10:16 ET

Hey it all good that you got good vibes from your parent. Congrats:)

And about that buddy, he asked me to go to the funeral, and I prolly will. it's such a tragedy.

2004-04-11 17:53:38 ET

Don't apologize bro, you're on the greatest adventure of your life right now. We all understand!

2004-04-11 18:00:43 ET

Thanks Chris!

I expect that one day, very soon, a whopper of an entry will hit, so long it shall require 2 or 3 sittings to finish.

Or maybe it'll be a few dozen short stories.
iunno. we'll see.


2004-04-11 21:54:57 ET

You mean one of those entries that takes so long to write, your SK session times out? Sweet.

2004-04-12 01:56:17 ET

Yeah, I've had those in the past. Never has the "Back" button been so useful.

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