The Big Day
2004-04-11 17:28:30 ET

Well. It's official. I proposed to Nicole tonight. She said yes (phew!) and we celebrated at Easter dinner. Not that Jesus ever came to mind.

Anyway, ham, turkey, salmon, chocolate. All at once. No, not really. But much mirth was to be made. My sis-in-law and my baby nephew were over for the afternoon-evening. I'll try to post pics of him soon.

We're happy. The cat's outta the bag (no pun intended), cause my brother found out. Oh well. No big deal.

Anyway, back up to the wine and coffee n stuff.

'Til next time!

Happy Easter!

2004-04-11 17:48:02 ET

once again...


2004-04-11 18:02:10 ET

Thanks Amanda!
It feels so good to have it out in the open. I hate tip-toeing and keeping secrets. Gives me knots in my shoulders.

2004-04-11 18:14:20 ET

Happy Easter (Sin day) back at ya! =)

2004-04-11 18:37:43 ET

that's awesome :)
i wonder if this will be the first time that sk gets to witness a wedding

2004-04-12 07:32:17 ET

*hugs you to bits once again*

2004-04-12 08:00:25 ET


2004-04-21 03:26:19 ET

Hey boy, you fell of the face of the planet, so things must be rockin'! =)


(Damn I'm sneeky!)

2004-04-25 18:46:23 ET

kaetzchen: mofospider and junkiegal met on sk then got married, so not the first sk witnessed wedding

2004-04-27 14:49:42 ET

What's funny is, we could get married at any point. Could be this weekend, could be a year from now.

I love City Hall.

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