2004-04-23 17:10:04 ET

The Leafs beat the Sens.
Now they play against Philly. Shit. Cause 2/3 of the Leaf fans here will tell you that the Flyers will kick ass. Ironically, a poll taken of Philly fans showed that 2/3 of their fan base feel that Toronto will win the series. I hope they're right.

The gov't owes me money (see subject line).

So I've been snapping a bit lately. I'm feeling angsty and I'm not sure why. There are possible reasons. But I won't get into it. Mostly work related.

So summer's almost here. Yes, 10 C is the start of patio season here in Canada. That being the case, I want to put forward the idea of an SK meet in the Toronto area sometime SOON! Let's get this one going, unlike the past failed attempt.

I'll check back soon. Promise.


don't look at me like that...

2004-04-23 17:13:34 ET

Good Lord, he's back from the dead! Or... some such thing.

The government owes me money too. And thats a good thing.

Oh man, the weather is gorgeous! And SK meet does sound like much fun.

Maybe all you Torontonians can come up Ottawa way with Rudie on May 24.

That failing, I'm certainly going to be prowling around Toronto at various points over the summer.

2004-04-23 17:13:45 ET

(not that its all dependant on me or anything) =P

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