2004-05-14 13:28:28 ET

I go a 'ballin' tonight.

Gonna shoot me some nubies!

Anyway. The hunt for a second job conttinues. *exasperated sigh*. I wish I made twice my salary like other people my age. Why didn't I go to school to be a nurse or a legal assistant or an accountant? They make good money off the get-go. I went ta friggin' college for my career and I still make shit.

Oh, right. I chose to be a starving artist. And I use "artist" loosely. What I do ain't art. It's commercial. It's propaganda. It's capitalist product pushing. It's all the things I hate, yet it's all I can do.


On an unrelated note...



2004-05-14 14:02:13 ET

Are you good enough to be a professional paint baller? 'Cause you know...aparently, they make a BUTT load of money.

2004-05-14 14:41:12 ET

i cant wait to go paintballing.

we have a huggggge corse in the bushes.

and i have a whole camo suit. its great.

2004-05-14 16:08:07 ET

Neko- I play every so often. I have my own marker, but I don't have a team to join. I just like playing with my buddies more than anything.

2004-05-15 07:52:28 ET

Yes, I did know that you loooove paintball....I guess that's why I asked. ^^' But it's really awesome that you've found a 'happy place' ^____^

2004-05-15 10:45:50 ET

Paintball!? Cat next time you go take me! I so long wanted to do it! haven't had a chance yet. *pouts*

2004-05-16 08:09:41 ET

Ah, a comrade in the hunt for jobs. You'll do well, I'm sure.

2004-05-16 08:10:26 ET

On a side note, where did you go to college?

2004-05-17 10:59:31 ET

Humber Institute of Technical and Advanced Learning (ITAL)...
'course, when I was goin' there it was just 'Humber College'.

What's with everybody trying to sound bigger than they really are?

2004-05-17 19:43:09 ET

...'bigger'? How so? *curious eyes*

2004-05-18 06:03:42 ET

McLeans magazine likes to sass out the colleges and universities, so then the universities and colleges feel compeled to make themselves look better.

Everywhere I go in this damn city I see ads for Carleton.

"Carleton University. A great university. Getting even better."

and really, all it does it deters from the good, I think.

2004-05-18 18:24:29 ET

...Yeah, that add is very....desperate sounding.

2004-05-19 04:14:57 ET

*nod* Dr. Van Loon, the head of the university is a tool. Thankfully he retired this year.

2004-05-20 01:30:38 ET

Dr. Van Loon? The name explains everything.

2004-05-20 05:01:20 ET

I know, its vaguely ironic, huh? ;)

2004-05-25 13:37:47 ET

Ever play with simmunition rounds? It's a whole different game.

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