2004-05-23 21:06:44 ET

Forward them to Heywood Jablomy.

saw that on a postcard today.
The hunt for a p/t job goes on. I'd really like to work in a bookstore or a record store. But I won't limit myself.

Congrats goes out to Micheal Moore for winning the Palm D'Or at Cannes for his new film Fahrenheit 9/11. Which won't be released anywhere because of fucking Disney. They don't wanna hurt the feelings of the President-select.

Watched 25th Hour tonight. Wow. Friggin' heavy movie. Should fit nicely with the rest of my movie collection.

By the way, read Diary by Chuck Palahniuk. Seriously. It's good.
And if you can, buy an LP. Even if you don't have a record player. Cause you know you'll get one eventually. Everyone knows you will.

off to bed for a short while. Long weekends are never long enough. That's cause regular weekends are always too short. A three day weekend isn't a "long" weekend. It's a normal one. Four days would be long. Somewhere in the past, we had three day weekends as a standard. Then some tory fucker came along and ruined it for everyone. At least that how it should have happened.

My advice to all of you: find someone trustworthy, give them your heart for safe keeping, cause it's much too dangerous to hold onto yourself. You don't know the value of it, but the person you love, does.


2004-05-24 02:23:19 ET

"some tory fucker came along and ruined it for everyone" that's how it works for everything else, so I imagine you're right about this. ;)

That's sound advice.

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