2004-06-01 04:40:13 ET

...in the mornin', fever all thru the night...

goin' to the doctor today. don' wannna go
haven't been to a sawbones in years. i'm young and invincible so i don't need a doctor. I have an equation to prove it:

youth=invincibility=me QED

ergo, I have no need for doctors.

Anyway. I'm at home today. Which means I get to spend a little bit of time in front of the computer for a change. How's everybody been doing?
I'm moving in with theGirl at the end of July. Shit, that's what I should be doing... going through all the shit that I don't need any more and getting rid of it.

We'll see if I have the energy.

Anyway. I want timmy ho's. Thier chicken stew. In a bread bowl. With an apple fritter for desert. With a coffee.

Anyone care to do a timmy ho's run for me?
I'm sick.
Consider it to be a charitable cause.
like meals on wheels. sorta.

2004-06-01 06:32:57 ET

me + YOU + Timmy Ho's = YUM!


2004-06-02 10:24:00 ET

Jeff and I dressed up as white trash last night and went to Timmy's! Such fun!!

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