Cure for what ails ya
2004-07-02 08:18:37 ET

The new Cure album is really friggin' good.
Spider-Man 2 was loads of fun. A little long, but I really enjoyed the fact that the story was largely centered around the human aspect of Peter Parker and his struggle at being Spidey.

So I'm working on this long weekend. July 1st I had off (obviously) but thhe studio decided not to let me have today off as well, although all the photographers are away, so there's no one for me to assist... so why am I here?

Whatever. Gotta start packing tonight. I move in with theGirl in 4 weeks. It still seems well enough away, but it isn't. And I'm still feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing. Hopefully she'll be able to put up with me. I barely put up with me.

Anyway. Back to my none-work.

2004-07-02 08:22:53 ET

I take it your subject title "The Cure For What Ails You" isn't the title of my beloved Skoidats cd... MoonSka Records

2004-07-02 10:24:04 ET

no no, I was just refering to the fact that I got the new Cure album, and that I really like it and it's making me feel good at the moment, given that I'm at work when I should be in bed with myGirl... or doing something equally as naughty.

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