2004-07-05 05:38:39 ET

So I might be able to get my hands on a record player for $15, but I need a phonostage. And I don't know where to find one of those. And if I do find one, I don't wanna pay too much for it. Nicole and I have many records between us, and a record player is high on our list of things we must have for when I move in.

And a new sofa bed. Which we put a downpayment on.

And some bookshelves.

'n other miscellaneous stuff.

This is getting exciting. I think the thing I'm most excited about is knowing that I'll be falling asleep beside Her and waking up in the same place every morning.

I need a vacation from both my jobs so that I can let the whole thing sink in fully.


By the way, go see Farenheit 9/11. Having read Dude, Where's My Country?, much of the stuff I already new. But seeing it on screen added more dimension to what I already knew.
The footage from Iraq was deeply disturbing, but very necessary.
I've heard a lot of lefty's damning Micheal Moore for his outspoken way, saying that what he does isn't documentary, and that he edits things for his own message, and therefore how can you accept what he has to say.

I say everythin you read, see or hear is biased in some way. No matter where your news comes from, it has some else's views peppered in somewhere. It's just whether you agree or not. And in 9/11 you see and hear some pretty awful unedited material. Card-carrying Republicans are even talking of voting the other way.

Something's up in that country.

Not like that needs to be pointed out.

2004-07-05 08:50:49 ET

Try Ebay or Active Surplus for that phonostage, you never know what you can find on there cheap!

2004-07-05 09:34:41 ET

You know...I don't mean for this to sound melodramatic, but I say with the utmost sincerity and conviction: Our system has failed. The United States Government no longer fuctions. You don't really see it, you don't really hear it, but if you educate yourself...if you read the things that they don't print in the papers or talk about in the news, familiarise yourself with the laws, hear the stories that no one has been able to realize it. It is too polluted and convoluted to work anymore, and it's too bad that the people needed to change it and fix it will never, ever get elected to office.

2004-07-05 11:24:20 ET

That's why the American people are in a real need for a Bastille Day type of revolution. The rulers that were once put there by the people have become a ruling elite, no different than any corrupt monarchy with its own self-preservation in mind.

2004-07-06 02:59:30 ET

I can't wait to see that movie!

2004-07-09 12:39:10 ET

You know we have a revolution about every 40 years in this country, we have since its conception. Right now, we're roughly 10 years overdue, if my calculation is correct. It's revolution time.

2004-07-10 13:26:17 ET

Exactly. The last time any group of young people stood up to the government was during the Vietnam war. Since then, media has gotten really good at dumbing down the masses so they don't know they can or even have to revolt. Same thing with voting.

2004-07-10 18:15:56 ET

Mostly true, yes, but if any 'revolts' have happened since then, they're face-painted or hidden by the news, because the news is litterally owned by the same people who own politics. The WTO protests in Seattle, for example, were astonishing...they were portrayed to be very little more than a vandal's and looters holiday. It was disghusting.

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