Sheer Happiness
2004-07-15 14:56:37 ET

I don't know why, but on my way home I was hit with a new found disease. "Sheer Happiness".

I found myself reviewing my life to date. Through all it's ups and downs, I've still managed to find happiness. I have the most wonderful girl in my life, I love her dearly and can see our future, in a rough draft, laid out before us. I'm finally securing myself financially. I'm feeling physically better than ever before (one slight ailment, but it's clearing) and I just feel an overpowering urge to laugh and cry. All at the same time.

Is it possible for all this to come out at once? Some people experience waves of depression suddenly with no warning. The opposite must be true. Where there is light there is dark, up, down. Sorrow. And then Happiness.

I wish I could bottle this and give it out to everyone I see.

2004-07-15 15:22:19 ET

revel in it, sweetie. Few people ever get a taste of it.

2004-07-15 15:27:34 ET

I just wish I knew where it was coming from. I'm not complaining though!

2004-07-17 18:11:57 ET

...I had never thought about giving it away! You're awesome, Cat. ^_^

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