Creative Juices.....
2004-07-16 10:23:38 ET

...flowing like molasses in January.

I can't seem to find anything interesting to put in my portfolio. Powertools are only so interesting. After a while, everything becomes cliché.

I have a few ideas, but all of them require time and gathering of materials which aren't readily available. This is why I'd like to have a studio of my own. And be independently wealthy so that I wouldn't have to work on anything but my art.

Art? Whazzat? I haven't done any of that in a while. Final year of college maybe?

Anyway. I'm still happy. Just uninspired. Hell, look at this entry. This entry is what my photos would look like if they were text.


2004-07-16 11:33:20 ET

all in due time the creative juice will once again flows! remember don't force yourself to create something. just won't do any good. let yourself go let your mind soars and you will see the visions! i dealt the same way with poetry

2004-07-18 11:43:14 ET


Just hold your camera, start pressing the bottons, and walk as you do so. And in those pictures you will find art!

2004-07-19 16:34:43 ET

I wish it were that simple. The studio wants me to be putting together "commercial" friendly work. Tabletop product and stuff like that. It's hard when the products you typically shoot have all the personality of a rock.

2004-07-23 10:59:51 ET

Yeah, not terribly inspiring. I feel for you.

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