Mo Move
2004-07-27 04:41:08 ET

I would be moving on the long weekend. When EVERYBODY and their dog is away. I think I'll be hauling my bed on my back.

Anyway, very excited. New chapter and all. Best thing is that I get to be with myGirl more often. Empty beds are not something I'm very fond of.

We're hoping to get a new bird. An African Grey Temneh. The most intelligent birds in the world, they can develop the brain capacity and achieve the vocabulary of a 2-3 year old human baby. It'll make for interesting discussions.

Anyhow. Off to hunt down people to help me move. Oh, and I should probably get some work done today.

2004-07-27 04:53:43 ET

That's really great. You must be super excited. Me and my boyfriend are moving in soon...I hope...whenever he gets his visa. Haha.

I hope everything works out!!

2004-07-27 05:46:59 ET

I'm most looking forward to having our day-to-day time together ... making dinner, playing with the birds, and sleeping. :)

2004-07-27 09:44:38 ET

whoa neato about getting a new bird. I hope it won't sing "here come the spiderman" over and over and over! :P

2004-07-27 10:53:17 ET

You know of a bird that sings the Spider-Man tune? o_O
That's cool!

2004-07-27 10:55:59 ET

hehee ... well, we could always teach it to sing the Spidey theme!

2004-07-27 11:01:50 ET

Just we can't play that scene where the lady is singing it, with her violin. Cause that was scary. Even Peter Parker thought so.

2004-07-27 11:02:16 ET

And we can't have a parrot singing that way. Ever.

2004-07-27 11:02:27 ET

LOL! it was like a really bad Yoko Ono version of the theme song!

2004-07-27 11:03:36 ET

Maybe it was Yoko Ono. We never checked the credits. Macy Gray was in the first movie, so ya never know.

2004-07-29 09:29:42 ET

heh heh funny about the spidey's theme it would be a whole lot worst of the bird says this "polly want a cracker" boring and lame that is for sure. I be teachin num num how to say cup a tea!

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