2004-07-29 07:51:27 ET

Anyone who doesn't check out myGirl's page probably hasn't noticed this post.

We are to be married!
December 23rd, 2004
Memories On Main / The Wedding Place
1108 Main St
Vancouver, WA 98660

For all who live in the GTA, there will be a ceremony in the new year at Toronto City Hall.

2004-07-29 08:02:43 ET

I'm SO happy for you two.
*hug hug hug hug hug*

2004-07-29 08:07:30 ET

Thanks! We're really excited. So many things are changing so quickly. I move in with her this weekend, we're considering another bird (or should I say we're being considered as a home for another bird) which would be my first pet ever (hadn't thought of that til now), and then in a few short months we'll be wedded.

Craziness. Yer twenties really do start to speed up as you move thru 'em.

2004-07-29 08:13:59 ET

*smiles* That's so wonderful, hon.

..and oh yes. They do speed up.. rather crazily at that. I still can't believe I'm less than 3 years away from 30. yeowch.

2004-07-29 08:47:05 ET

congradulations to you both, thats awesome

2004-07-29 09:47:15 ET


2004-08-02 18:35:25 ET

Ohhhh you know what? If I had vacation time saved up yet, I would soooo crash the wedding!

A MAJOR congratulations on finally picking the date! ...I really get the impression that you two fit together as well as two people ever should. ^_^

2004-08-03 11:18:45 ET

Thank-you all! Yeah, we're very happy to have our lives together. Of all the people I would want by my side thru the thick 'n' thin, Nicole's the one.

2004-08-03 20:58:10 ET

That's the way it should be. ...You two make me happy about the world. ^_^

2004-08-04 05:39:53 ET


There will be a Toronto ceremony sometime in the near future, so anyone in the GTA and surrounding areas are more than welcome to crash that one! this one is mainly for my family and friends bak out West who could not make it out here.

He's my sidekick, and my companion ... I'd have it no other way.

2004-08-04 16:07:17 ET

Peaches to her cream.

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