Moved In
2004-08-02 14:32:34 ET

So Nic and I just finished setting up the place the way we like. It looks great! Pictures to follow.

Nearly had a shelf with my speakers fall on top of my computer. Fotunately I was there to catch it (all).

Tired and facing a hellish week. The Studio has just received a whack of layouts that were due last week and most of the photographers or on holiday next week.

As I said. HELLish week.

Housewarming in the next little while. GTA SKers most welcome! All others... hey, if you make the trip, we won't turn you away!

2004-08-03 09:39:44 ET

what a relief!!! you caught those falling bricks eh.... a friend had a 27 inches t.v. it fell and broke... dude you are one lucky cat.

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