In Wymen's Clothing
2004-08-10 16:56:15 ET

Bouncing 'round the apartment
In hot Glam Rock boots
And a tight little bodysuit
Lips coloured red
Nails painted black
In wymen's clothes tonight

So this is how Mr. Orgasm feels?
Long legs in pantyhose
A little powder on the nose
Down to the club
Teasing the girls and the boys
And turning all the heads.

Off into the night
At the finest of hours
And twelve of my followers
Bound for more parties
In search of God
Or the next best thing.

2004-08-11 17:11:09 ET

Hey, I'm doing the same thing this weekend! We should get together and tease all the girls and boys together! ;)

Ok, so I'm just joking. But it was a fun thought.

2004-08-12 02:09:23 ET

It's a reminiscent poem of when I was in the whole goth/fetish scene, and the stuff I used to wear. I still have all that stuff and find that, now and then, I still have the urges to dress up and feel like the embodiment of sex itself.

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