2004-09-03 10:06:28 ET

Everybody take a second and say "Hello!"

2004-09-03 10:08:42 ET


2004-09-03 10:09:36 ET


2004-09-03 10:10:43 ET

How are you today?

2004-09-03 10:11:44 ET

That's a loaded question.

Between my 2 jobs, I'm tired. Ready to fall over.

2004-09-03 10:11:52 ET

hello. i hope yer having a loverly day. ;)

2004-09-03 10:12:43 ET

Aww, that stinks. I hope you get a chance to rest. :)

2004-09-03 10:16:26 ET

Hi Chamber! I think I am have a loverly day...

Jolie: No rest for the wicked, and as Morrissey once sang, "Satan rejected my coul, as low as he goes he never quite goes this low"

2004-09-03 10:30:20 ET


2004-09-03 10:38:57 ET

Hey there a.i.d.
hope you're mood lifts today. or by the party at the very least.

2004-09-03 10:40:50 ET

Why thankyou! I'm feeling a lot better now.
You know, i'm half-irish and i've never actually tried guinness, I live in fear that one day my family will cast me out.

2004-09-03 10:41:21 ET

Hey long time no see!

2004-09-03 10:43:54 ET


2004-09-03 10:44:38 ET

a.i.d- drink guinness. it's quite good for (no, really, it is. full of iron ''n' stuff, doctors in ireland still give a glass, not a pint mind you, to mothers after they give birth, it ups the iron in the blood somethin' good)

Headhunter, good-day to you! How's your end of the big smoke? We have a b-day party/housewarming party coming up in the next 2 weeks. Sept 18th. Mark it on whichever calender is the closest!

2004-09-03 10:44:55 ET

Hello Azmodan!

Good luck with the hurricane. You'll be fine!

2004-09-03 10:50:59 ET


2004-09-03 12:42:29 ET


2004-09-03 14:16:01 ET

hiiii :]

2004-09-03 15:34:56 ET


2004-09-03 17:43:44 ET


2004-09-03 18:16:19 ET

How've you been??

2004-09-03 18:17:42 ET

I've been great, thanks for asking.

*looks around oddly*

What? Isn't everything always about me?

*giggles and runs away*

2004-09-04 05:38:02 ET

I was just hoping someone would catch onto the "Labryinth" thing.
no such luck i guess :(

2004-09-04 06:02:27 ET

I caught it but I read it too late after my response so I couldn't change it.

2004-09-04 06:35:52 ET

Hey there everyone! How's the weather wherever you are (Floridians, I understand if this is a touchy subject)
Syb- crazy busy, thanks for asking. I'm starting to understand what insomnia and narcolepsy are like. Blech!

2004-09-04 07:55:28 ET

It's been a beautiful summer but recently it's become rather crappy in the raining department... but hey, that's what I get for living over in Vancouver.

2004-09-04 17:04:51 ET

The weather is nice for here, kitty boy/cat man, how about yourself?

2004-09-05 06:28:07 ET

It's been a weird summer. Mostly cool. Most days I've been wearing a hoody to work in the mornings. It's up and down temperatures.
At least it ain't snowing.... yet.

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