Beyond Rage...
2004-09-07 14:07:12 ET

.... is an emotion I can't really describe. But it's how I'm feeling right now. I don't like being mad, especially when you have no one to direct the anger towards. Or when you only have vague suspicions of whose responsible. It isn't right to breathe flames on someone who doesn't deserve the toasting.

Grr.... people in this industry really make me see red.

2004-09-07 16:21:10 ET


breathe, sweetie.
*hugs gently*

2004-09-10 10:05:04 ET

well why don't ya get a giant rubber's purple Barney, and ya can beat the shit outta of him. he is really bad for kids!@!!

2004-09-12 07:04:13 ET

Hey...what happened?

2004-09-12 12:56:41 ET

Neko- I was asked to stay late and paint a set. When I was almost finished, they ("they" being people from production) came and said "Did anyone mention the other set that has to be painted tonight?" me: "I was told of only one set." them: "Oh, well, we need that set painted too."
Great. So I didn't get out til about 7pm. Which pissed me off to no end. I only get so much time to be with theGirl.

Anyway. That was days ago. I'm semi-over it now.


2004-09-12 18:23:20 ET

ASSES!! O_____O *speechless*

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