I may step on some toes....
2004-09-16 14:26:21 ET

...but PETA can fuck the hell off for this one.


Factory farms are disgusting, but there are lines you cannot cross when declaring your stance on an issue.

2004-09-16 15:35:34 ET

i completley agree..that is just pure sensationalism and is disgusting..

2004-09-16 16:17:50 ET

PETA is horrible. I totally agree with you on their use of exploitation to get their point across, which makes them total hypocrites. Animals do not deserve to be tortured, mistreated or exploited; but animal life does not equal human life.

Here is their attempt to explain the "concept" behind the ad. I thought it was a compilation of soundbites, "facts" that they trot out whenever threatened, and militant, pigeheaded (HA--pun) rhetoric.

2004-09-16 18:44:13 ET

oh. my. gods.

2004-09-17 12:50:49 ET

That they even try to defend their reasoning comfirms their fanatical behaviour. In the face of such criticism the appropriate action would be to apologize and pull the banner. But by trying to justify it further is sickening.

This is why I despise fanatics of anything, even worthy causes. They go to far to push their messages and it can end up setting the movement back years.

2004-09-17 13:13:45 ET

Not to mention it makes the people who have a levelheaded approach to their beliefs look like fanatics, just by destroying their name. For example, say you opt not to eat meat because you want to reduce animal suffering. You don't support PETA, you don't try to push your beliefs on anyone, you just try not to hurt any living things through your actions. All you have to say is "I don't eat meat because I care about the animals", and people will make all kinds of false assumptions about you, based on the path PETA and other such organizations has blazed.

2004-09-17 15:22:42 ET

hence i stand by the statement....Death to all fanatics!

2004-09-17 20:40:25 ET

Autumn- That sound's like a pretty fanatical statement there. You might be putting yourself on that hitlist! *chuckle*

2004-09-18 09:07:46 ET

lol....i'll watch out for little red dots appearing on my person..

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