Late Night at the Movies
2004-10-10 20:23:49 ET

Just finished watching Before Sunrise. The art of good dialogue is not dead. Thankfully. This can also be seen in Lost in Translation.

Tomorrow Nicole and I are going to see the sequel. I love good dialogue. Movies don't have to be all expolsions and suspenseful to just be gripping. Or even entertaining. Very rare do these movies surface.

By the way. The Day After Tomorrow is alright. Just another blockbuster type movie. But what really gets me is that the scientific data they talk about in the movie is actually real stuff. Maybe it's time to start packing and heading south. Rent it if you're really bored one night. Denis Quaid is decent.

Had Thanksgiving dinner with the folks tonight. My mom and Nicole were on a collision course until I came upstairs (I was looking at bus schedules online with my dad in the basement). It put theGirl in bad form for the rest of the evening. Fortunately I was looking at the TTC schedule cause we were leaving.

My mom.... she really knows how to push the buttons. She says the most inconsiderate things at times. But that's another can of worms. Let's just say I'm happier out here in the real world with Nic.

Happy Thanksgiving to the rest of you!


2004-10-11 06:52:22 ET

Gotta love button pushers.

In any case, Happy Thanksgiving! *hugs*

(real world with our loved ones is so much better, neh?)


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