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2004-10-20 14:47:36 ET

I don't know what that means. I guess I'm giving myself carte blanche to be vulgar.


Got my raise at work (finally). A whole dollar too. Which is 8% of my original wage. I wasn't even expecting a 2% raise. So this is a great thing.

theGirl has a rotten cold. My dad just had his tonsils out. Don't ask. It's a long story. Just don't eat the food in Cuba. I'm tired.

And for anybody who has been following... Tommy Douglas is, without a doubt, The Greatest Canadian. Ever.

so there.

2004-11-01 09:33:23 ET

.....OMG I won't eat it now. ...Not that I ever saw myself going to Cuba...but just in case.

Actually I'm lying. I'll either forget, or be too into eating to care. *sighs and shakes head at self*

2004-11-01 13:36:25 ET

Actually, that tonsil thing has had an unexpected turn, which has removed suspiscion from Cuba's questionable cuisine.

The results from tests on the tonsil (they only took one) showed it to be a malignant tumor a.k.a. throat cancer. Here's the thing. My dad quit smoking in '89.

So he's getting radiation done on his throat, and the doctor is confidant that they got it all.

So I'm just a wee bit stressed now.

2004-11-01 15:44:10 ET

Oh WOW. O___O

Hey...my mum had a small cancerous spot under her eye. They took it off, everything's fine now. There are lots of types of cancer that can be taken care of...cancer from smoking seems sort of scary, but honestly, here's hoping that your dad's type was just another small one that won't cause any long-term problems, and that no more problems pop up.

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