2004-11-10 05:49:51 ET

I know it's satirical and all, but this signifies a dramatic shift and one that could eventually affect immigration laws here in Canada. Just when I'm about to get married to a disgruntled U.S. citizen.

Anyway, for a laugh, Marry a Candian. I know one girl Girl who is...

2004-11-10 08:51:27 ET

HAhahaha... that's awesome.

I know a Russian who did that.

She's now my aunt.

2004-11-10 11:13:26 ET

Kinda makes me a little worried though. I hope Canadian immigration doesn't start to tighten the border too much and make it difficult for Nicole and I to back our case.

I think we should just take over the New England states and West coast states. Make them all apart of Canada. They'd seriously benefit. A government that (sorta) makes sense, money that's distinguishable, Tim Horton's, gay marriage, medicinal marijuana. HEALTHCARE!

And we'd benefit from their presence. We'd be surrounding the rest of the States, not just sitting on top of them. We'd have better control of the fishing industry. And the movie industry.

New York is such a diverse city, why shouldn't they be apart of Canada? Then we'd have all of Niagra Falls. Oregon and Washington State are already the most liberal in the union, they'd have found the home they truly belong to. And Mexicans would'nt have far to go to be appreciated anymore.

It's a win-win situation for all involved.

2004-11-10 20:17:32 ET

I like your style, Cat. =)

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