5 More Days
2004-11-18 16:36:34 ET

And then I will be happy.

2004-11-18 17:17:09 ET

What is in five days?

2004-11-19 10:42:46 ET

November 23rd. Which is now four days away.
Happiness approaches.

2004-11-21 07:06:32 ET

Ahh, I am pleased.

2004-11-21 07:30:55 ET

So am I.

2004-11-21 07:36:51 ET

To elaborate (at the urging of Nicole), it is the release date of U2's new album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.... I am quite hyped.

2004-11-26 14:43:58 ET

well now it is out on the shelves


2004-11-28 07:57:57 ET

Burn! Nine Inch Nails re-released The Downward Spiral on the same day, and all the music stores were all like "uhhh...try tomorrow, we're busy with all the other new releases".

I was not pleased.

2004-11-29 13:10:52 ET

Actually, the re-release of NIN's Halo 8 is set for Nov. 30th. The Nov 23rd posting on their website is the US release date. I was equally dissatisfied.

By the way, I wasn't aware that you're a Nails fan, Mark.

2004-11-29 17:15:45 ET

Yep, I guess you could say that I was a sort of a luke-warm fan.

I was familiar with all the radio hits, but then I heard "We're In This Together" and from there it took off for me. I have a lot of respect for Trent that I wouldn't have for say Marilyn Manson. I like both NIN and Manson's music, but I respect both's different artistic sides.

2004-11-30 10:39:33 ET

Yeah, The Fragile is one of my top 5 records of the last 10 years.
Speaking of which, I'm trying to find it on vinyl. I once had it in my hands along with a hard to get VHS copy of Closure (the video collection), but I could afford only one of them. I made my choice, but I regret it now, considering the DVD of Closure is being released next year with 2 hours of new stuff.....

k, I'm a Nails freak. I admit it....

Need some Barry Manilow to balance me out *shudder*

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