Canada could be among the first in the world...
2004-12-09 11:25:51 ET legalize same-sex marriage.

The Article

With any luck, the government will pass the bill before spring. The downside is that, with a possible election to be called this spring, this very issue may divide voters even more. The last thing I would want to see is Harper get in just because people have a disagreement with a newly passed bill.

2004-12-09 11:31:42 ET

err.... Massachussets legalised it.... sorta. We allow it and haven't outlawed it

2004-12-09 12:00:07 ET

its also legal in the netherlands

2004-12-09 13:08:21 ET

Sorry, I amended that. I missed that part at the bottom of the article. Among the first. And if we write it into the constitution, that's saying more than most countries too.

2004-12-10 04:55:21 ET

you can say "first country in the western Hempisphere"

2004-12-13 08:11:36 ET

"Hempisphere"... We're pretty close to legalizing marijuana too. Southern Babtists beware!!

2004-12-13 08:14:53 ET

hehehe Canada is great. you cna go to a store and buy shrooms! what's wrong with a country like that?!

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