Getting Old
2004-12-09 16:23:10 ET

Today I discovered how easy it is to become disconnected.

At work there is a radio. However. My boss keeps it tuned to: soft rock (blech), top 40 (double blech), classic rock (okay at times) and jazz (always good).

I used to listen to Edge 102. I used to be on top of all the new music coming out. I used to buy a lot of CDs. I have a budget now, but I should still be trying to listen to new music. Which I never get around to doing. So I've been listening to a lot of my favourites and keeping on top of what they're doing. But what was new to me once before has become a staple.

A longtime friend asked me to make a CD for him for Christmas. He said "whatever you're listening to right now". Nevertheless he sent me a list of stuff that's in his headphones. I'm glad he did. Otherwise he'd be getting a CD of "The Same Old Stuff" that I've been hooked on since the 90s.

I've noticed that I've been digressing in my downloads too. It's either early 90s that I lost/sold/never got, rare mixes by my favourite artists or retro 80s. Nothing current. This new stuff I just downloaded, first off, is really good (eight or nine bands I'd heard of but never listened to), and really shows me how easy it is to fall out of the loop.

I feel bad downloading music, but I haven't the money to buy the albums, and I really don't want to become one of those mid-20 year olds who figure music died when Spears, Lohan, Duff and Dobson took over the radio waves.

So this is what I'm now hooked on:
The Killers
The Shins
Damien Rice
Death Cab for Cutie

Yes, I have heard of some of these bands, but when you don't listen to the radio much (cause it's getting like t.v, 90% crap) you don't know how good they are or where to start.

So this is a big warning to anyone who gave up on radio like I did at one point: DON'T!!
You'll regret it when you realise 5 years have past and you're only buying one or two CDs a year. It ages you and before you know it... YOU ARE YOUR PARENTS!!!!!!!

2004-12-09 16:26:34 ET

im 19 and havent listened to the radio for about 3 years. then again i am rather apathetic when it comes to music. most of my friends are obsessed though and i discover new music that way.

2004-12-09 16:34:17 ET

I dunno, the power of radio, most particularly a "new rock" station like Edge 102 here in Toronto, can't be understated anymore. I feel like I haven't had an open mind for some time. I think this is what's been really winding me up.

For most people, music is the only art that they willingly expose themsleves to on a daily basis. And music still has the power to render almost anyone incapable of speech. How many people are floored by a Monet or a Picasso on a regular basis. But every kid with a CD player or an iPod can be seen tapping their foot, nodding their head. When you cut off your access to new music, it can do something to you. It's not to say the old stuff, the tested, tried and true melodies and beats don't still resonate, it's just that new emotions need new songs to break them out of their shells....

I'm rambling now. I should just download some more songs...

2004-12-09 16:58:11 ET

i think music is the easiest form of art for most people to relate to, but for me, on a normal day to day basis, i really dont think it is. there are a few bands who no matter what can evoke emotion in me, but most of the time its pure white noise to me, and i can always be seen with my headphones on. im just atypical. plus its hard to find a decent radio station in columbus ohio (where i spent my first 17 1/2 years.) and i havent really looked since i moved to philly.

2004-12-09 19:51:07 ET


That makes me grin. You know, you don't need the conventional radio to stay in touch with new sounds. Online radio is usually better for that, I think.

Other ways of getting some musical refreshment: used CD stores.

I love going in, picking out something I've never heard before from a genre I like, and going from there.

Now, I don't know if you've heard of Jeff Buckley or not, but add him to your list if you haven't. If you have, I'll try to think of something else that might be refreshing on your ear drums. =)

2004-12-10 03:55:21 ET

I have lotsa Jeff. If you haven't picked up the Legacy Editions of Sin-e and Grace, do it... do it now! Don't wait for Christmas.

Nicole is the more fortunate one. Although she wasn't legal drinking age, she stood outside a club he played at in Portland and soaked up as much music as she could.

And a poster of Jeff hangs over our couch.

We like Buckley's mixture.... of music.

2004-12-11 16:39:42 ET

Yep, we've got it here.

I've thought of another suggestion, I don't know why it didn't come to me sooner.

Auf der Maur

Also try Limblifter's new album.

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