But I thought I was the only one....
2005-01-08 07:48:04 ET

Just for a laugh, I typed my name into the Google search engine. Interesting results...

Sean Walsh #1 About the time he was born I was actually riding horses. Weird.
Sean Walsh #2 This just made me laugh.
Sean Walsh #3 Seems we have something in common here...
Sean Walsh #4 I've always wanted to be the president.
Sean Walsh #5 He's only directed one movie that I could find.

Now, if you read into anything about how names can describe a person's character, ambition and temperament, then it doesn't quite surprise me that these Seans are doing what they're doing. Artistic, expressive and on show for everybody to see. Well, maybe not Sean #2. That was just weird.

Anyhow, next time your bored, look up your name and the traits that are associated with it, then try to find other people in the world to see how they measure up.

2005-01-08 07:54:26 ET

im the only me. if you google my name the only page that comes up is velveetaboys home page

2005-01-08 10:42:20 ET

Lucky you.
Indiviuality is becoming more rare than ever.
I got stuck with the "John Smith" of Irish names. "Sean" is Irish for "John" and "Walsh" is as common as "Smith" or "Doe".

2005-01-08 10:44:52 ET

i would rather have a more common name then my awkward and often ridiculed last name: Dorband. my first name, Melissa, isnt terrible common but its normal, and with a normal spelling. unfortunatly about 90% of melissas you will meet will be ugly, so i assume people immagine me being ugly if they have only heard my name and not seen me. haha im neurotic.

2005-01-08 14:44:20 ET

What an interesting little exercise. I like it.

2005-01-09 06:19:31 ET

I wonder if that's an actual stat. British style documentary voice:"We now know that close to 90% of melissas in the known world today are in fact ugly. And in 70% of those cases researched they were found to be butt ugly. The remaining 30% fall in ranges from "I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating biscuits" to "Tolerable, but I'd still take the Queen Mum over her". The 10% of melissas that are attractive by any standards all have something better to do than be seen with somebody like you."

K. I don't where that came from.

Mark- it is interesting. funny what the brain will come up with when faced with sheer boredom.

2005-01-09 07:49:25 ET

HAhaha, that's awesome. ;)

2005-01-26 17:57:56 ET

....one of my best friends is named sean walsh.....thats crazey

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