I found a moment, so....
2005-05-07 05:16:11 ET

The new NIN album is fucking awesome. I can't wait to see this on stage May 9th.
Found U2*POP on vinyl after years of searching. It happened by accident. I went into Vortex on Yonge in search of the new NIN vinyl but saw POP on the shelf. I didn't think twice.
Work is nutty crazy. I was asked if I could work this weekend. I feel a little guilty about saying no, as most of the photographers will be in on Saturday. I don't feel much like a team player right now. But I have a shift at Blockbuster today and tomorrow is Mother's Day. I'm not working Mother's Day. Not this one at least.
In realted news, my mom was "let go" from her position as Head Medical Librarian at her hospital (I won't say which one). I wonder now what a 56 year old woman is to do with herself while her retired husband (my poor dad) recovers from his second cancer. Like fuck I'm working the studio this weekend.

grrr... corporations and big businesses piss me off to no end.
NIN makes perfect listening lately.

2005-05-07 07:38:25 ET

Yay for new NIN!!

I hope everything works out ok for your mom- that can't be a good situation to be in. :(


2005-05-10 14:17:10 ET

With-a teeth-a!

2005-05-11 14:02:00 ET

Oh God... Live, that song kicked serious ass. I think the man is a genius and a visionary in rock music.

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