Nine Inch Nails mini-review
2005-05-10 14:04:15 ET

Last night's concert was FUCKIN' A!!!!

Saw NIN at the koolhaus. I had the best standing spot, right behind the soundboard. They played four or five tracks from [WITH_TEETH], some standards like Terrible Lie, Closer and Suck. The real highlights, for me at least, was hearing Reptile, Burn, Something I Can Never Have and No, You Don't. That and seeing Trent play a tamborine. That just doesn't strike me as an industrial instrument. ProTools? Fuck that, hand me the tamborine, goddammit!!

On a related note... Mark. Where were you? I couldn't find you. There again, there were quite the number of Marks in line. I felt like I wanted to walk around with a sign saying:

The Cheshire Cat is looking for Marks On His Soul

That would've been odd...
So did you enjoy the night?

2005-05-10 17:26:10 ET

For real, you asked people? I was RIGHT AT THE FRONT. I asked one guy who I was sure was you, and he wasn't too friendly... so I stopped asking, but tried to make myself very visible.

It was a smashing concert, and I was particularly impressed with the Dresden Dolls. I knew that Trent would give a grade A show and enjoyed it al the same, but truthfully I was wowed by them.

And right by the soundboard...? After having enough of being pounded into the dividers from the audience to the stage I went over by the soundboard! Don't tell me we were standing next to each other...

2005-05-10 19:26:15 ET

Ahhhhhahahahaaaaaahahaaaaa I would laugh. Because it would be funny.


2005-05-11 14:03:51 ET

I was directly behind and between the sound mixer and the light ops. Right at the barrier. Now that sucks that we were that close and didn't know it.


2005-05-15 19:11:42 ET

What were you wearing? That'll help jog my memory.

2005-05-16 07:45:20 ET

Black button-down shirt and black camo pants. I blended in to the backdrop of black and more black. You?

2005-05-17 16:59:17 ET

I don't think I saw you then.

How tall are you?

I was wearing a tight long sleeve grey shirt with this design the colour of dried blood and tight faded jeans with some tears in them.

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