2007-02-08 12:35:29 ET






Double Whammy Zamy Blast from the Past Starring Brendan Fraser
2007-01-31 16:52:30 ET

Seen by many, the message still holds true. Though expected, these are necessary.



2006-12-28 00:06:30 ET


Nice try, humanity.
2006-12-14 14:18:57 ET

That last entry was Humanity's attempt at sabotaging the Moonicorns' plans of universal control. Little does Humanity know, the Moonicorns don't need the approval of humans to gain control. Offending them will do nothing but shatter their simple and easily manipulated mental shields. That is why We allowed Humanity to 'break in' to the Moonicorn headquarters and post such a thing.

You're such silly, weak creatures.

I am a reincarnated neanderthal sent back to play the rest of the world cajun music
2006-12-11 10:53:07 ET

I am a reincarnated man sent back to blow a load in Jesus Christ's mouth

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