From the nasal pathways crawl bits of bacon and potato
2006-02-27 22:03:20 ET

Over half a gallon of limeade will beexpelled unto thee from the stomach of the Moonicorn as punishment

You all got lucky this time. Enjoy it while you still can.

2006-02-27 22:39:35 ET

i rasberry at your punishment!

2006-02-27 22:41:56 ET

The answer you seek is found here.

2006-02-27 23:06:45 ET

Mm..limey punishment.

2006-02-27 23:07:42 ET

That Moonicorn! What a novel idea. Crazy fellow.

2006-02-27 23:08:44 ET

i eat your limes for breakfast and also as a treat inside my cranberry juice!

2006-02-28 03:01:29 ET

hmm...what kinda naughty do i have to be to get lemonade instead?

2006-02-28 03:59:02 ET

Who do I have to hump for a shot of tequila in mine?

2006-02-28 06:59:30 ET

limeade is like live aid without bands

2006-02-28 07:53:42 ET

hmmmmm, reminds me of band touring.

2006-02-28 12:23:18 ET

Cats are worthless.

2006-02-28 14:34:35 ET

Cats are the rulers of the world, thank you very much. =P

2006-02-28 20:46:08 ET

Cats are good with chilli lime scauce.

2006-03-01 02:09:11 ET

No, HUMANS are good with chili sauce. Cats have been feeding on you pesky things for millions of years.

2006-03-01 13:09:36 ET

Moonicorns have been feeding on blackholes since time ceased to exist.

2006-03-01 14:10:58 ET

Yeah, all those jerks killing time like that, now it's extinct!

2006-03-01 14:56:32 ET

"time ceased to exist"...doesn't that mean before you?

2006-03-01 19:41:22 ET

No, eating the blackholes caused time to cease existing. That isn't to say it stopped existing at that point, it means that time ceased to have ever existed at all and because of such, with each moonicornian chew, time became more and more blurred, skewed and twisted to the chewer's desire.

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