More worthy than all of humanity
2006-03-05 20:42:46 ET

They never went extinct.

2006-03-05 21:15:25 ET

yes but they've they become nitched to were splicing is difficult

2006-03-06 01:44:06 ET

Aw, so cute.

2006-03-06 12:48:20 ET

Splice a grapefruit with pastrami and you've got the ultimate food.

2006-03-06 13:39:46 ET

oh that's rad

2006-03-09 14:26:44 ET

your comments link is creaping slowly further and further to the right...just like your political views!

2006-03-09 19:52:43 ET

There is no logic to it so it cannot be repaired.

2006-05-10 13:21:01 ET

pastrami= pickled beef

2006-05-10 15:43:57 ET

The skin of cow can provide protection from both the cold and the rain, though it does one of those tasks better than the other.

2006-05-10 16:52:30 ET

sexual protection?

2006-05-10 20:09:54 ET

Protection from the elements, not protection from the elepregnant.

2006-05-11 02:05:46 ET

but of course? !

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