The walls of the 53rd precinct were bleeding.
2006-06-29 14:03:51 ET

2006-06-29 17:32:03 ET


2006-06-29 18:47:09 ET


2006-06-29 19:14:40 ET

You mean 'right on time'. Without them, he would have been free to spread his seed.

2006-06-29 19:30:13 ET

Thank heavens!

2006-08-14 16:04:21 ET

did you do that yourself? It's pretty good photoshopping

2006-08-16 17:41:54 ET

Moonicorns do not busy themselves with such trivial things as photoshop. A human did this piece, and mankind is lucky because it bought them some extra trime for making the moonicorns chuckle.

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