2007-03-23 00:35:20 ET

2007-03-23 07:29:55 ET

There is a big eyeball in the camera screen!!!!!

2007-03-23 16:44:26 ET

I hope he's recording himself masturbating so he can send the video to some hot lady across the country.

I'm sure she's a fan of Dr. Pepper.

2007-03-23 22:21:04 ET

ze frank does no such thing and how dare you.

2007-03-24 09:18:47 ET

Ohh, that's who that is.

I recently unsubscribed to his podcast.

2007-03-24 11:49:00 ET

If you unsubscribed to his video podcast, The Show With Ze Frank, you are an entirely different person than the ones i can talk to.

2007-03-24 14:41:31 ET

I often confuse he and the guy from "thisisaknife". I don't know why because one is English and one is not. I guess it's because they're both guys who host their own podcast. Oh well. Here's a link: http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/tv/microsites/T/thisisaknife/index.jsp

So it that why you only signed on to Trillian for a second?

2007-03-24 22:27:31 ET

he doesn't host a podcast. he did a show on zefrank.com/theshow, and somebody else made it a podcast. he did not make a video podcast or a podcast. he made a show. it was called the show with ze frank. it was on zefrank.com/theshow. he did not host anything. he didn't host a podcast. he didn't host a video podcast. he had brief conversations with the world via zefrank.com/theshow. a podcast or video podcast is an audio or video program made specifically to be subscribed to via itunes or some other program. he did nothing of the sort though it was available on itunes. itunes is not the proper medium for the show with ze frank at all. the show is over now. it's gone. the internet is now an awful, bleak, worthless chasm.

2007-03-25 06:14:35 ET

I see what you're saying. Most podcasts are shows or parts of shows that were not originally intended to be a podcast.

2007-03-25 06:39:06 ET

click here for hope!


2007-03-25 14:17:06 ET

i see that you're some fucking podcast expert whore, that's all i see. you only think that because you listen to podcasts that aren't originally podcasts. every other podcast other than the ones you listen to serve no purpose other than to be a podcast and they were created specifically for the task

2007-03-25 14:47:37 ET

I'm not a fucking podcast expert whore, you jerk.

I see you were able to get that ride home somehow.

2007-03-26 10:51:30 ET

I'm travelin at the speed of LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. i wanna make a supersonic woman of you (mark).

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