2007-04-24 22:11:11 ET

steven wright isn't actually funny at all, and that must be his lifelong joke.

2007-04-25 08:04:41 ET

Grow a sense of humor, you hippie jerk. Mr. Wright is a hard working comedian and he's funnier that you'll ever be.

2007-04-25 08:05:48 ET

Maybe you should go back to laughing at your DVDs of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, you frigging otaku.

2007-04-26 14:47:22 ET

BOBOBO!!!! Now THAT'S funny.

as far as i'm concerned: Steven Wright? More like Steven Wrong

2007-04-27 15:35:49 ET

fuck it

2007-05-01 08:02:30 ET

Steve, you're harshing my cool.

2007-05-01 09:52:46 ET

I'm kicking ass and punning names!

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