I'll never watch Scrubs
2007-05-03 09:47:58 ET

And, aside from Zach Braff, this is why:

When did they lower the age to work in a hospital to "Typical Teenager"?

2007-05-03 13:11:41 ET

I'm sure if you pointed your pinko, commie eyes an inch to the right, you'd see that the episode was rated "superb" and that everything you just wrote (I didn't read what you wrote because it filled me with so much rage) is negated.

2007-05-03 14:35:15 ET

most doctors and nurses I know just wanna make out, not going much further ;-)

2007-05-04 16:30:00 ET


2007-05-04 21:49:55 ET

What about Hasselhoff?

2008-04-23 16:30:53 ET


i'm sure you love me resurrecting this year-old observation

2008-04-25 14:59:00 ET

Not as much as i love you. doop doop da doo!

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