duck a fuck
2006-06-17 03:55:52 ET

Sar's msn login name was 'The Cuminator,' She claims it has everything to do with the spice "cumin," and nothing to do with her love life. I beg to differ.

In other news, it dawned on me last night that Ultimate is the nerd sport, like polo is the rich mans sport.

2006-06-17 05:04:57 ET

I still have the original version of Battle Chess that is way more nerdy than polo.
I geuss it really depends of your deffinition of 'nerd' :p

2006-06-17 22:52:36 ET

God, Battlechess is king.

2006-06-18 08:39:00 ET

it sure beats polio

2006-06-19 20:25:40 ET

but sadly not AIDS, the search for the cure continues.

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