2005-10-09 20:04:06 ET

I for the life of me cannot remember what I was going to post.. It was like, "Okay, todays topic is- .......ooh... look, something shiny."

Oh wait.. I know.. I was thinking how badly I'd like to get out to LA since I missed my chance when I was in San Diego. I'd especially like to be there sometime during the showy season here. Because I'm sick of winter driving.. I'd love to just take a couple weeks out in CA again.. go to Bunker, visit people up and down the state, sit on the beach and draw. Learn to surf.

Wah. I'm going to go wake up now.

2005-10-09 20:29:55 ET

I could never surf

2005-10-12 13:03:36 ET

Whasamatter? Legs broke?

2005-10-12 15:09:03 ET

not sure
lack of patients
no rhythem

2005-10-13 20:44:42 ET

I think both of those things can be learned, provided there is enough desire present.

2005-10-13 20:51:26 ET

lack of desire

2005-10-14 15:53:55 ET

Desire's the killer. But then it's not that you can't surf, it's that you won't surf.

Me, I won't surf. I'll ski, occasionally, but I prefer to avoid things that will earn me a tan. Ugh, how goff.

2005-10-18 13:32:06 ET

"it's not that you can't surf, it's that you won't surf."
Took the words right out of my mouth. Except I never really planned on saying it, so maybe its good that you did.

Tans are cool. Paley white flesh is bogus.

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