GAME SEVEN BITCHES    2006-06-18 18:41:25 ET

I dunno, I'm at odd with myself here. On the one hand, I want to see a Canadian team win. On the other, the Oilers are half the reason my Canucks didnt make the playoffs this year (the other half being the Canucks themselves fskgfdgsdg).
Regardless, tomorrow night is Game 7. Going to be an exciting game. And a good excuse to drink beer and yell at the TV.

 normal guy(day off + alcohol)wtf = what am I doing I'm not good at math    2006-06-14 14:07:54 ET
So yeah, this is new to me. Vasa has been bugging me for the past 6 months to register here. I finally caved. I'm going to spend the next hour figuring out how to work this thing.

This may require alcohol.

Mental note: Relearn how to do that CSS crap.

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