SMURFDAY.    2006-02-27 10:49:35 ET

I'm 25 now.

It, like, feels totally different. Honest.

So anyway, stuck at home, have too many exams to not-feel guilty if I have any fun, so what's the bloody point, I say.
Just dicking off on makes me feel guilty, but I can't write this crazy paper nonstop, can I?

Cheers to everybody for all the love and devotion.

P.S. I pwn all of j0u.

 Politique    2006-02-18 06:54:09 ET
I usually try and keep the politics out of this place, but, honestly, this cow is just too cute:

(Yes this is a scheme to get more pastry. So?)

Went to hear the Dalai Lama speak yesterday in the Tel-Aviv docks.
He's such a pleasant figure. No, really, he's like this sweet, nice guy. Who happens to be a religious and political leader of millions.

He spoke of Universal Responsibility.
Nothing really new in the concept, but it's always nice to hear him say it. Humans are social animals, and as such, are dependant on compassion in order to survive (babies won't even grow up properly if not touched). Compassion is innate to Humans, but can also be repressed by various means when we grow up because we're all so smart.
When you're a kid, you play with other kids regardless of their race, color, or creed.
You only even recognize the differences when you grow up and become all "smart".
The general idea is, we can go back to that childhood compassion, with practice. it's important to try and understand others. To always feel compassion, even to "the enemy".

The Tibet people have suffered a fate far worse than many others in recent history which brought about inernational intervention. The reason no one seriously intervenes in defence of the Tibetians is because no one wants to go to war with China.
So, their atrocities are broomed under the carpet, and international focus is placed on possibly "less-deserving" (though that really is a hard term to use here), but easier to deal with suffering of the Kuwaiti people, the Yugoslavic people, the Iraqi people, the Palestinian people, etc.
In the meantime, the people of Tibet continue to suffer under the authoritative Chinese regime, and the world is silent.

and yet, they still have compassion to their enemy.

 teh drama    2006-02-11 06:16:18 ET
So, the night of my flight, we had a long long phonetalk, and it ended.

I think I've been handling it rather well. I even went out to the Coldcut gig.

I did see some of her friends there, and totally dodged them.

But, yeah, Que Sera Sera and stuff.

My sister posted a comment for me on my site which I kinda liked:

breakups suck but on the otherhand, they also give you free time and the option to look for a better bargain in the meat market we call singledom. also, heart squishidness reminds you that you have a heart, or feelings, which is easy to forget between having lunch and reading and driving places and remembering to use deodorant. suddenly you are like 'oh, lunch, what does it all mean?!', or 'deodorant...for who?'.

So, yeah.

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 Total Eclipse: The website.    2006-02-06 04:58:04 ET
My site is back up, kinda. Now with new and improved web2.0 nonsense, like Technorati Cosmos links, rss, trackback and shit.

Still seems a bit broken under IE. Anyone care to lend a hand?
Or should I just assume everyone will either move to Firefox or IE7 sooner or later anyway?
(assuming it isn't broken in IE7, that is).

I should really get back to my booklearnin'

later, peeps.

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 It's been a while..    2006-01-27 12:14:16 ET
..sup hos?

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