meow!    2006-01-01 03:42:43 ET

my head hurts.
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 Merry merry    2005-12-25 06:32:06 ET
Happy holidays to all my sk mates!

Skipped school today, too cold outside. Mid-semester syndrome kickin in hard this year.

Saw The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe yesterday. It was okay.

I for one am going to be staring at LOL JESUS for the next half an hour, then I'll be off the grid for tonight I think.

Peace, dawgs

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 Oh, Em Gee?    2005-12-17 05:56:02 ET
My sister is pregnant!

 I Spy    2005-11-24 12:54:27 ET

Reminder, and for those just joining in;

I'm Shay, 24 years old, Student of the world, but mainly Philosophy/Psychology in Tel-Aviv University. I live in a nice flat in Tel-Aviv, with a mad-scientist type flatmate. I work at a comics store, part-time. Sometimes I promote dodgy raves and stuff like that.
I like robots, and art, and stuff that put those two together in any interesting way.
You can stalk me here, or here, or even here.

Some of my old art and the occasional new piece go here, and for some reason I also have a flickr for pictures, which updates somewhat more frequently.
For my musical taste I guess you can look here, though I post an infrequent top 10 list on my deviantart journal for some reason.

Now, be nice, and tell me something interesting about you too.

 Orders of Magnitude    2005-11-11 04:27:07 ET
Today is my sister's birthday. Not that that in itself is of any intrinsic value, but it does mean I have a family dinner at a restaraunt, which is a yay.
Somehow, I managed to convince my sister to ask for Colombus, which is a cheesy American-Bistro style restaraunt where THE WAITORS SING. Yep, I'm so going to get them to sing happy birthday to my sister, it's going to be lovely.

School's been doing okay, I got a lot of reading material, but nothing I can't handle.. Two courses in particular this year have made me smile one is "Techno-Utopia and Cyberculture" and the other is "Order, Chaos and Complexity".
One course which seems to be ruining my life is "Wittgenstein and Rulesfollowing". I just..don't get it. Late Wittgenstein is better than early Wittgenstein, but a lot of it is still incomprehensible.
(to me, that is, for now).

Everybody should go check out Frapper thingie. It's pretty interesting to see how fast it spreads.

Other than that, Yaoi fangirls give me cancer.

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